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erm... everything has been compartmentalised in their destruction; to begin to know things is a process involving all fields of teaching and knowledge of the epistemic root of nature. To think we exist for a reason is presumptuous; why would a transcendent being of everything --including and beyond our idea of the conception of everything-- constrain its reasoning of infinite nature to the specific antecedent to ordered reality. Transcendent knowledge beyond our reality can be grasped --the fact that there is a knowledge class below that is proof of speciality-- the end of knowledge seeking is when we know the ultimate transcendent thing, learning will still occur, but you will know it and will have known of it already. Fantasy is more real than reality; there is no such thing as a negative and a positive, only a positive and its privation; the original scriptures are true; there is no authority of knowledge on Earth; gravity is electrostatics.

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