S. S. Thyer

The Australian Reflex
Australia's Weaponised Societal Construction

Labor and The Greens are coming after Christians with legislation aimed at their rights

Australia is being decimated. The Jewish ideas of how society ought to be constructed are antithetical to the Christian White man’s, and this is wholly due to their perspective —their perspective of self-centredness, of victimhood, forever in fear of what will happen when the white man gains power; the Jews construct society around their fear, it is a reactionary thought to a grand myth, an ancestral memory made legend in their circles. What will happen when the white man notices? What will he think of us? Surely he will not think well of our actions, as it was before, it will be again. They have spun for themselves a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Australia’s newly proposed Religious Discrimination Act. will now bar discrimination of gender (allowing for LGBTQ); this is neither a surprising nor sudden movement towards extreme left social policies, collectively, we all feel the direction our country is moving towards; many will be up in arms about the new bill “we must allow schools to instil morality, these beliefs are anti-Christian,” but to create a line here is arbitrary. There are points on the scale of social policies on which people stand behind as a principle where, if and when our culture moves past it, they will become active reactionaries. Scattering points on a board and allowing for identification with these not-so-dissimilar political movements will scatter the people. We need unification, we need same thought, we need a rally call, we need a personage, we need to physicalise and realise the movement.

We are scattered because the previous thing we were against becomes the normative, the normative is what defines the culture; we need to become anti-cultural because the culture is anti-white. We need the dissident and the anti-social because they are the power behind the movement, they are the incarnations of the force and willingness, but we also need the pro-social, we need to corporealise the message in the culture. Practically, we need to create our own culture; and this is what has been happening for the past years from 2016, we have created an online presence despite the censoring tools of the societal mason workers.

Every facet of our civilisation has been infiltrated via the culture; the culture is largely defined by the normative beliefs which will inspire a certain type of response to a certain type of inquiry; the cultural beliefs are defined by the priest class, by the leaders; the leaders today are owned through blackmail or money by the Jews; the Jews hold vitriol for the Gentiles; ergo, the affect of society is anti-white, anti-Christian (and pro-Jewish).

We need advertisements; find the white men and tell them the truth. Let them come to us, and they surely will once they hear of their great empire wherein they are becoming a minority. We rest on the beast’s maw and as the teeth close in, we become more unified, more centralised, more invigored to take our final stand.

From the underground where we have been forced into, we will rise —the whites will rise up and with them comes the full force of the beating heart of white civilisation, the full potency of the whites will be at the fore of the movement and there is nothing more terrifying to our enemies then that very spirit. Allow yourself to become possessed completely by the vision or else suffer at the hands of those who hate you and be willing to carry on knowing this.

At the Cusp of The Greatest Century

Immigration is the defining issue of our generation; it is only a matter of time before Whites become racialist identitarians

The housing market is crashing, the infrastructure is being overwhelmed, the people are being overworked, prices increasing. Living in this country has been, for the past 70 or so years, on a rapid decline to where it feels as though every man is subject to his own cubicle, to his own cage; in every aspect of the living experience, we are being —not contained— strangled. Strangled out of every final drop perspired, our blood is being sucked, we are being exploited, and ever more we are subject to unjust torment, we become enraged. Our passions against the cagers are building, they flow like water through the path which allows flow —and there is only one path which our passions must follow in order to relieve the immense pressure.

We are on the exit from the state of being “comfortably numb” —a more realistic way of putting it is restless and misguided. It cannot get any worse than it is without a mass awakening, the dialectic is being purified and centralised, it is being moved to the fore of societal awareness. The great replacement is at the heart of nearly all issues within society: it creates racial discord, decreases wages, decimates economic sectors, obliterates cultural synthesis, and induces in us a confusion, a cultural malaise of discontent; it is the very thing that murders our soul and by extension, the soul of the nation along with its history.

Held under the false pretence of liberalism, of freedom; freedom from what? Freedom from our very soul, freedom of our head from our neck —freedom is disorder, how can a thing that is defined by a makeup exist when every part of the thing wants to be free of the whole? We are not free of God’s judgement, the Son is not free of the Father, a man is not free from his actions, a plant is not free from the earth. Everything works holistically, holisticity is defined precisely as not being free from itself. Just as in the trinity of God, the Son, Father and Spirit are not defined as just parts that happen to be in The God Head but they are The God Head —Christ is the person of both divine & human nature, two things together in one hypostasis.

Liberalism is derived from human nature; to be liberal in nature is impossible, hierarchical relationships define all things, there are no equals in nature for an equal would imply a thing of directly shared identity, and to share all of an identity means a thing is the same, but because reality functions on the basis of flux it means that 2 things, logically speaking, cannot be the same from the perspective of their derivation.

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man

Things are then ordered into hierarchies of the different planologies of, not just logic, but of the separate realities of spirit, physical, etc.; the perceiver will choose the hierarchies with which to then order, again, the things into a perceived hierarchy, things will be ordered in such a way as to account for a things heart, a things physicality, a things psychic potential, etc. from their relevancy to the personality of the perceiver.

From nature, all these things are necessarily hierarchicalised, it is a function of nature and logic to do this. The question is then: why can we say that some things are the same? Why can we abstract a part of a thing and then say that the essence of the part is observed in other things and that essence is a singular thing? These impersonal forms are unnatural, all of nature is personified but when we abstract we denature, we remove and to remove a thing from nature is to ascend it beyond nature, to view it outside the bounds of space and time, it exists before nature and is involved in the creation of nature. From the perspective of nature, all things beyond nature, unbounded by nature, are unable to be parsed by nature as a thing within nature; hence it is defined as being within the category of all things beyond nature and these things are unable to be defined by the hierarchy because they transcend the limits of the things which can be hierarchicalised.

Liberalism is born from the disregarding of nature’s hierarchies, it is a rejection of the personal and the soul, it is decimatory to all things that exist below the transcendent forms, it is a denial of the separate souls, a denial of God, it is like Buddhism or any other new age perennialism, it is the new great monistic religion. The liberal has the capacity to see beyond nature so he mistakes himself for God and therefore follows the same line of thinking that encompasses virtually all other non-apostolic Christian religions —and in just the same way those religions were conquered by Christianity, so to will the liberalistic mind be conquered by the Christian.

Richard Dawkins has been the shining light in the new atheist movement of the liberal mind and even he seems to be capitulating on grounds of identitarianism, he recognises the futility of the liberal paradigm in regard to culture; even from this abstracted view of the muslimification of the culture —as opposed to the browning of The West— it is evident that what is being touched on is far more profound than just different societal ideals: it is the European soul, the essence of the culture is being corroded, our greatness is being quenched and so we are forced to react. It is not us who respond violently to mass immigration, but it is the immigrant who responds violently to us in an act of hatred for us, he hates us because he was forced here and he has become a lesser member of society because he is suddenly surrounded by the Whites in White society; he has moved from an average Muslim to a very below average White Christian. The immigrant acts out and in doing so provokes a reactionary response, when the provokes become so large, almost 50%, that means almost 50% of the native Whites will react with much greater force.

We must keep in mind: while still under corrupt rule, we have still generated greatness of a kind unknown to anyone before our time, we have conquered and industrialised and explored the known world; we have built the iPhone and invented the Neurolink, The West is still considered the dominant culture, we are the innovators and inventors of the world, we summon great civilisations with just our presence. We are the race who conquered the world, we are the race who spread Christianity, we are the race who fought the World War, all our abandoned civilisations are kept in museums to be marvelled at. Once we regain control of The West, we will undoubtedly bring in an age of such greatness that it will be incomparable to those before us —only, we first must become woke.

New Slaves

Waiting for the chosen one

Americans have a very well-defined conservative caucus; all the Republican talking heads all spew the same talking points, never become identitarians, never “stoop down” to the level of the left, and still point out the same idiosyncrasies in the left since 2016. Australia is quite different to the other Western nations because of Australia’s FIFO workers and tradies We end up with a large amount of the population making a high earning salary in an industry that doesn’t require diversity training —that is to say, Australians have a higher incentive to become a tradie then to spend years at university and school getting a degree so they can do desk work to make the same amount of money. This means that the average White Australian is apolitical, he has not been brainwashed by university social life; in reality, however, no one is really apolitical, we are all born into this world with nationalist tendencies, and desires for beauty, with instilled morality, with a direct link to God —the deconstructionist virtue of the post-modernist is distanced from the working stock of Australia. The true visionary Australian of good character is thus developed by reality, he builds principles and hierarchies and in doing so he disconnects with the post-modernists —a return to traditionalist motion is forwarded. Kids don’t care about the holocaust, there is no inherent reverence for these societal state-craft like notions of abstract holiness; children are pure, they react with their full soul in a playful fashion; to never charm them with the sacredness of the anti-nationalism is to open a new gate of provocative and rebellious spiritual expression.

As Australia attacks the identity of Australians, it provokes a reactionary movement —maybe from fringe areas but it still invokes a reactionary response strong enough to be seen. Once the reaction is visible —no matter how small— it will act like a portal for those who identify with that which is being attacked: maybe they see it as an attack on their heritage, something they’re proud of, or they simply act in rebellion to a society dominated by anti-white thought; either way, they all work for the same racist ends.

The importation of the Middle East into Australia plays a crucial role in radicalising the youth. These groups refuse to integrate into our society and create their own little “China Town” like communities; we become oversaturated with societies like these and they, evidently, bleed into the Australian society, they overcome and envelope their regional areas and move into new areas where the perimeters of these societies will infect ours. Like a parasite they spread geographically but also like a parasite they send their little seeds into our workplaces and clubs —and because of their sheer volume, they infect these too.

How long, Australia, until we realise what has happened? We are being overrun by smug, arrogant, ugly, impolite opportunity seekers. They are not here to contribute to our society; they are here to be low-skill workers, they are here to fill up our low-paying jobs and dismantle our infrastructure —to melt us down into our base materials, they snatch everything they can, like the thieves taking artifacts from the Great Pyramids. It is not just our gold they take, we are more than gold, we are our statues and monuments, we are our beauty.

They attack our religion, deface our buildings, kill our family; violence is the only way this ends unless we surrender or they leave. We are at an all time immigration high and, subsequently, we are in the midst of a “youth” crime wave. It is only a matter of time before we wake up —most of us are already racist, all it takes is a little push. Indians stink up the cities and disrupt the racial fabric with their obnoxiousness and anti-social behaviour —as a race they contribute virtually nothing to the Australian nation: they’re not intelligent, they’re not hard workers, they’re not explorers of philosophers or kings, they are ultimately a cancer. It is really this smugness imported from the Indian subcontinent (as well as the Middle East) that creates such racial animosity that we don’t typically get from other races —at least publically. Emigrating to a country for the rich benefits it provides only then to spit on what is essentially the progenitors and maintainers of the nation flips the paradigm on its head; it is racist and polarising, it separates us from them in such a way as to induce the maximum racial tension possible —that is, they act in opposition to the Australian spirit, they thrust themselves upon us and begin stabbing away.

Our people are being massacred, they are being subject to slave jobs for poor money to pay off their ever-growing debts. In every way we are killing ourselves, we destroy our economy by spending trillions on “Green” solutions, to stop climate change. We are being told that we can save the world, but we are being deceived, our virtuous spirit is being tricked by malignant forces; we shouldn’t even by worrying about the J’s, what we should be focused on is radicalising the people on the anti-whites, on the anti-us, on all the enemies on every front. This is the only way, to bombard our race's attention with attacks by the anti-whites —we cannot say that there is a conspiracy of J’s, what we need to do is reason with them on an emotive level, on a level that allows for their compassion to show through —because what is a nation without compassion for the fellow man? It is India and Sudan, we want to radicalise people who care for the right reasons, play to their emotions, to their spirit; the issue is not a logical one but one of the heart —show the heart to the most virtuous path and he will go down it, and the path is true then he will feel fulfilled.